So I have recently become obsessed with the new Fox show, Glee. A friend kept telling me to watch it so I finally sat down and did--I ripped through all 5 episodes (watched the 6th and newest online this morning) back to back.

Its like High School Musical but for an older, smarter audience. I am a HSM fan, so nothing against it...but Glee takes what is good at HSM and enhances it with a clever script, witty dialogue, great character development, and a boatload of talent (many of whom come from Broadway).

I love the main character, Rachel. She reminds me of Reese Witherspoon in Election, except that she, unlike Tracy Flick, is actually a good, kind person underneath her OCD nature and determination for greatness. Its nice that she actually looks like a normal girl as well, she is pretty but in a girl next door kind of way.

The teacher, Mr. Shoester, is also incredibly likeable as the sweet (yet sometimes oblivious) Glee coach. His wife has faked a pregnancy to which he remains blissfully unaware. Then there is the setup with him and the school guidance teacher, Emma. Their relationship is so sweet and it is clear that both have feelings for each other but are too moral to act on them.

Then, of course, there is the villain--Sue Sylvester, the masculine cheerleading coach who is constantly out to destroy Glee club for taking away Cheerio school funding. Jane Lynch displays brilliant comedic timing and basically has viewers laughing every time she opens her mouth.

I could go on and on about how brilliant each and every character is...but I like keeping these posts short and sweet.

The dance numbers are incredibly entertaining and the song choices are ever catchy, I often find myself singing along accidentally or tapping my foot to the beat, wishing I was up there too! These kids sure can sing, and as we are slowly figuring out--so can the teachers! Now we are just eagerly awaiting the breakthrough singing performances of those who have not yet opened their mouths to display their by one, characters who you didn't expect to have singing talent (i.e. such as the janitor or football coach) have proven themselves.

I highly highly recommend this show, it does not disappoint and every minute of it is packed with entertainment!

Lauren's First Oscar


I found this picture and wanted to post it here...seemed relevant :)

Words of Wisdom

This past week in The Business of Representation, we had a Producer come in and talk. I just wanted to touch on two things that he said quickly.

#1: He explained to the class that he started out painfully shy.

He hated having to take lunch meetings and would often order food and then go to the bathroom and hide out for fifteen minutes. He got in trouble with his boss for his expense report being too low! When he wanted to make phone calls...he would stare at the phone for ages before he would finally pick it up and make the call.

This was really nice to hear, to me personally. I know I have come a long way and most people are surprised when I tell them I am shy...but somehow I still see myself as the shy little girl I once was. I know I have definitely come a long way, but I know there is still room for improvement yet...and its nice to think that he started out shy and managed to mature and find great success as a producer. If he can do it, then so can I right?!

#2: The people who work the hardest finish first.

This has always been one of my greatest attributes--my work ethic. I love working hard and feeling productive, which is probably going to turn out to be a big career booster! I have always been smart luckily, but I'm not a genius by any means...I really do earn the grades I get and deserve the opportunities I am offered. Its just nice to hear that in spite of all the nepotism in Hollywood and the hoops that one has to jump through to be in this industry, that those who work the hardest really are the ones to find success in the end.

Whip It

Yesterday morning, I went and spent some quality time by myself. I went to see Whip It. Sometimes when you get too excited about a movie, even if its decent, you end up being disappointed...just because you were too anxious and expected more. This was not the case with Whip It! I loved it!

The film has a great message--be your own hero. And the idea of girl power engulfs the entire movie. Its not entirely predictable--as sweet films like this often can be, and that is a breath of fresh air! It was funny, touching and the characters shone. Marcia Gay Harden was great as the traditional small town mother who wants her daughter to be all that she can be. She clearly loves her daughter, but it is tough for her to relate to Bliss. And I LOVED Daniel Stern's football fan father of my favorite moments of the film was when he nailed his daughter's derby number into his front lawn...just like the neighbor with two football playing sons had done (and had earlier scoffed at Daniel Stern's daughters coming home in pageant dresses). He also had one of the best lines when he says "I can risk losing the money [about her $800 pageant dress], but what I can't risk is a chance for our kid to be happy." And of course, Ellen Page is a joy as always. She embodies her characters through and through and brings with her so many character quirks. This movie is fun all the way through and I doubt this is the last we'll see of Drew Barrymore's directing talents! (It was so cute, she had Steven Spielberg there at the premiere to support her on her first directing gig!)


Anne Frank Influence


"I don't want to live in vain like most people. I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I've never met. I want to go on living even after my death!"

-Anne Frank (April 5, 1944)

I first read the Diary of Anne Frank when I was 11. This quote stuck out in particular to me and is something I have always remembered...perhaps because it was exactly the way I felt.

When we read the book in school, boys would laugh at Anne call her "dumb" and "lame." I never called them out on it, because middle school life is all about appearing "cool." But I remember thinking that I felt a sort of camaraderie with her...she was someone I desperately wished I could have met. I felt like she was the only person who ever might have gotten me. I desperately wanted to be assured that might my life was going to matter.

I suppose I still feel that way, only my interpretation of "mattering" has changed a bit. I see now that making my life matter doesn't necessarily mean everyone in the world needs to recognize my name. Helping a child learn to read or helping out a friend in a time of need--this stuff helps life matter too. Contributions don't have to change the whole world, for touching just one can leave a mark :)

Ask Lauren

I think its really funny that I seem to be the one people go to when they have relationship or guy/girl advice. I mean, I've only had one really serious relationship, and yet, I guess I give good perspective because people keep coming back for more. Haha. I like it though, I enjoy being able to help.

Recently, one of my friends texted me saying that a girl had given him her number the previous night at a party. He asked me if he should ask her out to coffee. I said definitely yes, after all, what have you got to lose!

I recommended texting which is less forward than a call, plus it gives the girl time to think. I never pick up numbers I don't a text is a good plan in this case.

I also suggested that he not specify a day and time to get together but to leave it more open, such as, "Hey! I had a lot of fun talking to you last night, would you like to get coffee sometime this week when you are free?" It can be confusing when you ask her out for coffee on Thursday at 2pm because the girl might say she has class...and you don't know if she is just saying this to get out of seeing you or if she really does have class (but would like to go out with you another time). So asking in an open-ended fashion is a good way to go.

FYI, girls like to be asked out, even if they decide to say no in the end. The timing might not be right or they really just might not be interested. But that doesn't change the fact that they, more often than not, appreciate the bravery and open interest. So don't be shy to ask!

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